I love those USB-C to magsafe adapters. I ordered two for the 2019 MBPs that only included USB-C ports since its more difficult to throw computers around in frustration if they are still attached via cables!

Jokes aside I have a story that might make you feel better. When we bought our first house last year we discovered upon moving in that the ice maker in the refrigerator didn't work. Being the kind of person with the hubris of "surely I can figure this out and fix it myself," and also desperately wanting ice for all of my beverages, I took the unit out, checked the water line, opened up the panel and saw a nasty electrical burn on the logic board. For expedience (and at the request of my wife) I called a repair company to come out and replace the unit. Once I told him I had already removed it once he kindly suggested I just order a replacement off of amazon and install it myself, since he was going to charge $500 for something I've already done.

So I order the cheapest unit on Amazon that looked identical to the one I had in my fridge, brand name matched up, size matched up, number of wires matched up - I'll just plug it in and we'll have ice! Of course once the unit arrived I realized there was a problem because the connector on the new unit did not match the connector on the old one. I was really confused because the old plug looked almost exactly like a molex connector, and since I've installed my fair share of computer case fans and IDE drives I assumed such a thing would be universal. I popped open the new unit and found another surprise... the innards looked completely different than the old one, which was a strange maze of thin copper connectors and this new one was (understandably) just a silicon logic board and some wires. At this point a reasonable person probably would have just stopped and tried ordering another part but I was impatient and curious. I mean both connectors had four wires, so surely I could just rewire the old connector onto the new unit.

I was able to roughly trace which wires went to what parts of the logic board on the new machine but there were two I was not sure about... 50/50 it would work I thought. If it didn't I'll just take it out and swap them. So I wire it all up, stick it in the refrigerator and voila! It hums to life and pulls water for making ice. Feeling very proud of myself I go to sleep... only to wake up the next morning with my new kitchen floor literally flooded, water dripping into the basement through every crack around the flooring. I had mixed up the hot wire for the water reservoir cutoff and the unit continued to pull water constantly over night. In the end I did get it working, but that was a very long and tedious day of cleaning up a huge spill.

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